Sunday, May 29, 2005

Compassion does not require understanding...

Well hello! There has been a lot that has intruded my thoughts since the last post. Let me update you first on my whereabouts...I am currently at home with my family, spending a wonderful holiday weekend with them! How precious?! I have spent these two days at the races watching what I watched for the first almost 17 years of my life. I realized a lot though being there, one thing was that I don't fit in (which isn't as sad, it's just lonely), another thing was that although I am 21, so many people do not see me as being 21. I guess growing up in that environment around those particular people, I'm always gonna be seen as so-and-so's daughter, or so-and-so's little sister. It just get's tiring at times I suppose. The last thing I realized, which was just a consistent relapse in my mind was...."garbage in, garbage out". I just wish to be salt and light to a world that is bland and dark.
The title of this post pertains to something that has been on my mind for a good week or so. I realized the other night while I was laying in bed thinking, that compassion does not require understanding. Let me explain! Example: There is a child that is dieing of AIDS in Africa. As a compassionate human being, you feel for this child and have that compassion for them, because they are in the situation they are in. You hurt for them. But this hurt and compassion that you feel for them, does not come from understanding how they got to be in the situation they are in, it's just a natural reaction of a compassionate person to feel compassion for someone going through such turmoil. It's not a necessity to understand how they got into that situation and why they are in that situation or for another matter, why they are upset about being in that situation. You just feel and hurt for them, because they hurt themselves. This has recently hit home with me, because of personal experiences in my life. *this is too much to go into detail*
Well, I hope my slight enlightenment didn't annoy anyone or whatever...I'm sure you aren't reading them anyways.
I'll just remove my mind to a happy thought...:-D

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