Thursday, December 1, 2005

The latest...

The latest and it was two days in the making (you'd think it would be better, but hey i like it)...

Let my tears run through this river of devotion
as eagerly I await the dawning of a notion
to unveil the beauty that lies beneath the scars
and surface the reality of the stars
so distant and bright within the night
radiating an unseen perfection
in each and every light
and through this night, I shine so bright
revealing all the glory above
magnifying nothing but love, till morning dawns
and the sun stands still to brighten the
river's cascading fill and show hope, reveal
glory, the Creator's magnificent perfection
revealed in fullness before Thee. and to Thee
give thanks for solace and despair, where
tears are bottled in the fill of thee who cares.