Sunday, November 27, 2005


alright kids, i found this on my old xanga site...i hope it's somewhat entertaining to you all

'I give up on this cruel and heartless world
all that stands before me now is this vast openness
this quiet array of scarlet pores
that holds nothing but bitter remorse
for all this world has is nothing to give me
this heart is broken and bleeding from within
a lonely heart tells many a story
of days lost but not forgotten
tears drop as consistent as rain in the morning
and cleansing comes from within'


Friday, November 18, 2005

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


according to, disconfirmation bias refers to the tendency for people to extend critical scrutiny to information which contradicts their prior beliefs and accept uncritically information that is congruent with their prior beliefs.

I believe we are all guilty of this. We all look to information to confirm our beliefs and thoughts on anything and everything, but the minute something comes into the flow that could possibly negate what we think...what do we do?! we call it absurd, on in the slightest regard we justify it...we turn it around to being positive remarks toward our 'prior belief'.

my motto: assume nothing until it is confirmed...the fault in this theory; however, is the lack of order to truly embrace a concept, we must have faith in it's existence...that turns me around to is "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen."...what stands out to me...'substance of things hoped for.'...hope...what is's a desire...a forethought, so to speak, of what's expected to be in an essence our hope is our belief. so does that come around full believing, we attempt to confirm that which we believe, yet in relying upon confirmation, we leave out faith with is important in establishing what you do believe, and part of faith is hoping...hoping for something with great expectation of it's fulfillment or a do we believe in a hopeful faith-induced expectation?

what do we believe?

oh the ramblings of my mind...


Tuesday, November 8, 2005

I ponder own downfalls. Why? Why are insecurities present in a heart that seems so confident? LORD, I do not understand my own thoughts and the why's and how's of my life...I believe the confusion...leaves me confused?! I long for answers, yet I fear them. I long for movement, yet I fear loss of comfort. I long for difference, yet the same is so familiar. How do I contradict myself! How do I battle myself and You are the same time. I long to obey You, yet my being struggles. Wants, desires, beliefs, passions...these are what stir the being into action. Why do I feel so immobile and sedentary?? My heart aches as I feel that pain is my allie. Oh sweet love, rescue me from this misery, hold me in Your gentle comfort, soothe me with Your whispers of grace...Oh how I long...all, everything more...

Friday, November 4, 2005

"Nobody moves me like You"

Hi guys!!

So let me tell you what's up! Lately I have been a little cranky, my apologies to those who have endured it! I just don'tknow what's up!

Anyways, but to let everyone in on the good news...I have an interview next Friday in Pittsburgh with Target. I'm super excited about this. So yeah pray for me, cause this would be super great.

Later people!