Friday, August 29, 2008

"Look what I've become..."

I've noticed I have a tendency to use random quotes from movies as my headlines for my blog entries. I don't know how I feel about this, but I still continue to do it. Oh well I suppose.

I'm finding that "theology" is becoming common in a lot of people's lives. We don't know how we feel about certain things, but we still continue to do them. For instance, the mundane, yet consistent, routine of everyday life. I find myself struggling with that on an almost daily basis.

I long for consistency and routine, some sense of normalcy, and understand in my daily life. However, I combat this all at the same time. I become so afraid to slip into routine and lose sight of reality and what I'm doing with my life. I find myself asking that question, "what am I doing with my life?" and more often than not, I cannot find an answer.

I just don't know about anything anymore. Wait, that's too broad, there are some things I know about...a good amount of information about, but they seem meaningless. The things that matter that effect my everyday life, the things of now and of tomorrow, the things of what is going on and where am I heading, the things of what difference does this make and how does that involve me...these are the things I tend to draw a blank on.

So...this post is basically for my over-psycho-analyzing self to just vomit. I don't know if there is a point, and maybe that is the point...that I do not know.

Is there freedom in that? I don't know!


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Movie Magic

I love movies! Anyone who knows me, knows this. They all comment on my extreme addiction to DVDs and how I have a "problem." Well the first step to recovery, is admitting you have a problem....well, I DO NOT have a problem. HAHA!

Anyways, I have found in my extensive research on purchasing DVDs that there are a few ways of making my life easier and my bank account not-so-depleted.

1. Search for previously viewed DVDs.
  • This option is amazing and does great things for your bank account as well as your ability to own all your favorite movies. The main movie rental facilities are wonderful. The best part is they will generally run deals for you, such as "Buy 2, Get 2" or "3 for $20." All on select titles of course, but still are wonderful, nonetheless. To top it all off, certain stores have lifetime warranties on their previously viewed dvds!

2. I am a big fan of Amazon Marketplace and Ebay.

  • Sites like these are wonderful, they provide you with great resources to locate dvd for cheap, they both offer used and new dvds. Sometimes they can be a risk, and other times they can be great...but I at least say try them out. I've found some great deals on there.


  • The last of my learned ways is swaptree. One of my best friends opened this wonderful world to me. Swaptree is an online trading site where you list movies, music, books and video games that you own, want, and would like to trade. Then the amazingness of swaptree works their magic of creating trades for you to own your desired dvds and rid yourself of the clutter of your unused/older dvds. All for no fee, except shipping of course. This is a wonderful place, and I definitely recommend it.

Now that I have addressed the wonderfulness of those revelations, I would like to discuss the importance of your movie collection. I believe that the movies you watch, as well as, the books you read, say a lot about you. So, I am going to go to discuss my collection through a series of random questions...feel free to reuse these questions according to your own collection.
**disclaimer: the answer to the multiple answered questions are in no particular order, although they may be in alphabetical :)**

1. What are the top five movies in your collection that you can watch over and over?
This may be difficult, let me go through and see...I may be able to figure this out. These movies tend to be my, let me put them in and zone out in anything else, or possibly the movie itself, but either way these movies never get old.
Boondock Saints - Ever After - Harry Potter (any of them) - Pride & Prejudice - CSI (I'm throwing this one in there because I love the series and find that I can easily pick any season and pop a disc in and just watch them again and again.)

2. What movie would you feel most comfortable in?
Hmmm...I'm going to have to go with a top five on this one as well.
Pride & Prejudice - Jane Austen Book Club - Enchanted - Someone Like You - That Thing You Do

3. Do you ever wish your life was a musical and you can randomly break out into song and dance?
YES - I had to put that question in

4. What are the top three blockbuster hits in your collection?
Aside from the Harry Potter Series...I'd have to say...The Die Hard Series...The Pirates of the Carribean Series...and the Lord of the Rings Series...I'm beginning to think I have a love of movie series...oh wait..I kind of do!

5. Do you own at least 5 Disney movies? If so, what are they?
Mulan - Aladdin - The Aristocats - Cars - of course the Pirates Series

6. Okay, I'm feeling like ending this, so the last one is just list the movies you absolutely love that are in your collection...
27 Dresses - Aladdin - Boondock Saints - Cars - Die Hard Series - Harry Potter Series - Gladiator - LOTR Series - Mrs. Doubtfire - Pirates Series - Pride & Prejudice - I'm sure there is more, but my mind isn't functioning properly at the moment.

So, on that long winded note...I'm out of here...