Sunday, January 15, 2006

Oh my...

Wow, it's been awhile. My apologies to my my vast fanbase. sure.

So what's happened in the last month. I'll give you the brief synopsis.

So...after finals in the beginning of December, I got my grades for the semester, good good. No major problems there. Then I worked some before Christmas came. When Christmas finally got here, I was able to spend time with the family, which was excellent, as always. I got a new Casio keyboard for Christmas and I have been teaching myself the read music and play ever since then...I'm actually getting the hang of it...surprisingly to some. After Christmas came and went, I came back out to Mo-town and left for the 2006 Nokia Sugar Bowl with the Pride, where WVU managed to beat Georgia 38-35. Amazing and sweet victory, I might add. After spending New Year's in Georgia, which is a story in itself, and the game there, we came back home. I proceeded to work for the remainder of my semester break, and now am currently entering the second week of the Spring 2006 semester of classes.

So the update of the here and now...I'm taking 12 credits, which includes Dance 101, Social Work 147, and Advertising 215, along with my Independent Study. I'm still working consistently, and awaiting a response from Target on the internship (your prayers would be much appreciated). I'm also having some anxiety over a the job search...b/c I'm realizing more and more that I graduate in May!!! So..pray for me...please!

and hey...have a good one.

*I'll catch you on the flipside*



jasdye said...

wait, there's a motown in the south?

and, what's your major? hopefully, it's not super-store greeter.

Destiny said...

okay wait a minute...first off..West Virginia, more specifically WVU is located in the EAST! and..motown is just short for Morgantown, the location of the university. That's what everyone here (at least the students) call it. My major is marketing. I'm graduating in May..and it oughta be interesting trying to find a job...:-/