Sunday, September 17, 2006

"You wanna see beauty? Look in the mirror!"

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know what you all are going to say. It has bee a loooooonnnggg time. I know! sadly, I know!

My last post was sometime last May, and although my life doesn't feel like it has changed much, it's slightly different.
I'm working full time at my retail management job, still trying to figuring out goal for work, and where God is leading me. School is over, but living with two people that are still in college, along with all the close friends, still in college, and living in a University is over I suppose, but it doesn't feel much like it.

My sister is having her baby in like a week and a half....I'm super super excited.

I'm really not sure what to post, and I believe it's because I have a lot to say, but choose not to voice my thoughts via the internet. I don't wanna be that person who complains and just talks about everything going on in their life, to everyone. You should never clean your dirty laundry in public...I think that was in a movie. Oh well, if you really wanna talk to me, i'm sure I will talk to you...

my my life.


oh yeah the title of this post is a quote from "Pretty in Pink", and amazing movie that I watched tonight! :-)

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