Thursday, August 4, 2005

Ho hum!

What to say? Well, not really sure, but I'm sure I can come up with something!

I'd first like to recognize an amazing quote from an article I recently read on Relevant Magazine online:

"go say this to a friend, “Hey, man, you should check out ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,’” and see if he doesn’t punch you in the face."

LOL! Cracks me up everytime! Alright, where was I..oh yeah..don't really have much to ramble about. Anyways...

On a happy note, John Cooper, lead singer of Skillet , recently become a father again! Him and his wife, Korey, are now the proud parents of a baby boy, Xavier! precious! I will not be surprised if their kids are deaf...all that screaming!

Here's where I'll pay some homage to the new job! Ah...I'm gonna enjoy this! "Everything in the store is $9.98 or less...We've got your back!"

If you haven't yet noticed, I'm having fun using the Google Image Search!

Okay so...I wanna take a trip! And I'm not meaning a piddly little trip! For some reason today I started thinking about an overseas trip. I really really really wanna go to Europe! I think the reason this came up was because I was thinking about how I've said alot that that is a place I would like to visit. Well, see...if I go it would have to be like right after graduation, b/c it's doubtful that I would be able to plan in something like that when I get into the world of 9-5...but who now I'm like wanna go NOW! Who knows...anyone wanna come with me?!

Let's see what you all know about me, if you can answer the following questions correctly, I'll...I don't know...take ya out to eat..or at least Coldstone! Yum Yum!!

1. What is my eye color?

2. Where do I wanna visit before I die?

3. Name one of my guilty pleasures?

4. How many guys have I dated?

5. What about me, could be said is a 'miracle'?

..and on that note..I'll catch ya on the flipside!



jasdye said...

before i read any further, i just wanna say, yeah!

this look is definitely more suiting to you. and much more funner to look at.

and i love the wonder woman thing on the side. that just says two things: power and meee-ow!

jasdye said...

this coming from a six-ft. + nerdy partial puerto rican who tries to stay out of trouble and has dark hair and yet wants to imagine himself as calvin from calvin and hobbes.

although somehow his friends think he's black.

jasdye said...

1) pink. you're an albino.

2) jim morrison's grave. (oh, before your time)

3) CCM

4) have or had?

5) each and every breath. no, wait, that would classify as a natural occurrence. um, the fact that you can stand up after seven consecutive brain freezes at coldstone?

europe's not my thang, sweetie. sorry. you wanna go to east asia or sub-sahara?

i have a nasty and masochistic desire to go south in a rental car for a week in a couple weeks. i ain't got no money, i don't have a job lined up, and it'll be as hot as haiti's, but i sooooo wanna go.

Destiny said...

I hear ya on that last one though! and you got each and every one of those question wrong...dang..and I don't know is it have or had, or would it be have had?! oooh...psyche you out! lol anyways...gotta study in a few minutes..later yo

jasdye said...

wait, that's not Wonder Woman! that's a w & a v. that's, that's...


jasdye said...

"how many guys have i had dated?"

not even #5?

Destiny said...

okay so I am totally confused at how I could've meant that as 'have had' hurts my brain to even try and figure that one out! Oh well! and wait..."Wonderginia!" doesn't even have a V in it!!! what the heck, if you are gonna make fun, at least do it right! I mean c'mon! *gives you the 'duh' look...then walks over and tries to figure out 'have had'*

jasdye said...

but it's got a theme song and everything.



ching! ching!

it has the ring and rhythm of west virgina, without that crappy - whoisit? - train song, 'sweet virginia' going through your head.

mountain mama. take me home, country roads.

actually, on one of my road trips a few years ago, i went there, for a wedding. completely lost the wedding (and, for crying out loud, not for lack of effort. i was going 100 reading a map in south illinois when i got pulled over)

it is beautiful. straight up beautiful. we don't have anything remotely like it here.


Destiny said...

"sweet virginia"..let me just say..I don't like VIRGINIA...we left them, they suck! No offense to anyone! But yes, our state is beautiful, wild..and wonderful..ha ha..nice plug for the state motto.

I cannot even fathom how you ended up in illinois...and got pulled over? funny story there, maybe?!

I'll have to tell ya about my 'deliverance' trips across the state...seriously..wrong turn is the worst movie ever and nothing like maybe southern WV. Thank God I'm from the Northeastern part of the state! Wahoo for being close to DC. that something I should really be excited about? i just ranted over!

Later Tator!

jasdye said...


'ended up in illinois'? i live in chicago. i was traveling south and then east to chattenooga (choo choo). i don't remember why i went straight south though, instead of going through indy. no, wait, i think i answered myself.

their isn't much of a story there. i was pulled over for doing around 100 mph on the expressway in Metropolis (i kid you not, they call themselves the hometown of Superman. there isn't a metropolis in sight), Illinois, right at the southern border. irresponsible. even though cars were moving out of my way at a good rate. and then switching between the road ahead of me and the (confession) map laid out on the steering wheel, i didn't catch the cop behind me. not too cool at all. and irresponsible.

so there. kids, don't ever do what dumb uncle jasdye did.