Monday, August 8, 2005

Oh..the poo!

Okay...I'm tired. Let me just start on a happy note :-)..sure!

Well this weekend was fun, sort of! I had my sister's bridal shower on saturday, that was fun. I surprisingly knew quite a bit about my that was cool. I got to play the cheesy games and everything, so score for that and fun food. OH and one of the most amazing parts of the day, was the fact that my aunt, who's like the greatest cook ever...made me a red velvet cake..oh my's amazing!

but, let me just rant a moment. I guess I'm getting into the age bracket now that's gotta get used to what I'm about to rant about, but okay! So, when I was at the bridal shower, I got asked numerous times the infamous question, "You gotta man?"...almost said like if I had the time. nonchalant, with a slight bit of care. I think it's because for a while now I've been hearing the "You're next" comments from around the family. Considering I am the youngest and only one not married or about to be! Oh well...I guess I'll just get used to it, but ya know! I mean about we ask more about my life, it doesn't revolve around whether or not I have a significant other. Also, my next steps in life will not be designated to marriage or relationships...we live in different times people. I'm still figuring out what God wants me to do with my life, that person will fit into HIS schedule and plans!

on another note...

So I've been working at my second job quite a bit lately, and we open on wednesday, wahoo for that! It's been fun working there, and interesting to see how everything gets put together. My feet are killing me though. I seriously hope and pray that everything works together once school and such gets all together with this second. I don't wanna collapse from the continuous movement and working....and I hope to actually have a social life. So i guess we'll see! I work with some pretty fun people, so hopefully we won't get into trouble...much! :-)

So...I know this is short and sucky but I'm gonna some tv with my extra time.

*Wyatt Earp*Catch ya' on the flipside*

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