Sunday, August 21, 2005


Well hello everyone! To all my anxious readers (sure...let me believe it)...I would like to say how's it been? I know my posting lately have been sporadic, at the least, but also haven't been much to "chew on", so to speak. I'm not sure if this post will quench anyone thirst either, but enjoy anyway I suppose.

So band camp is over, thank the Lord! I can't help it, but it needed to be done! It was hot, exhausting, I was irritable. The only good thing about it, was getting the little bit that we were able to get finished, accomplished! That was great! So, now that band camp is over, we all know what that means....classes start back up! This, I'm unsure of my feelings of as of yet. Since I don't have class until tuesday, b/c I was fortunate to find out that your senior year is so much more laid-back than the previous three years of your undergrad, I'm not quite sure of how things will work out! I am, however, looking forward to my dance class! Ballroom dancing will be fun...hopefully! I can pretend I know how to dance a little until mr. right sweeps me off my feet on the dance floor?! I'm hoping and praying that this semest doesn't exhaust me too much...I would like to make enough memories to enjoy it! As of yet, I have two jobs (possibly one within the coming weeks, we'll see how that turns out), I have 13 hours, plus CRU leadership and Rifle leadership and Rank leadership in guard. But 2 of those hours are band (oh yeah, did I mention that band takes up about 20some hours a week of my life in the fall?!), another 2 of those are my ballroom/folk/square dancing class. Wahoo for PE classes! In all actuality I only have 2 main 'capstone' courses, and my independent study. I hope I'm able to survive.

Now that the boringness is over. Lately I've been thinking alot about random things. Isn't that great?! I mean thoughts have ran through my head about what I wanna do after graduation and so on and so forth, and I keep thinking that I don't wanna plan anything, I mean in all seriousness, to take it one day at a time, is great advice. 'Cause if I plan something, 10 to 1 it won't turn out the way I plan it...I'm not in control of my life, I've given that control over to the One who rightfully deserves it! I just pray I'm able to keep up with Him! I'm gonna fall in rank...sleep time ya'll! (yeah yeah it's only 1030..i'm a bum..but i'm allowed to be one right now!)

Catch ya' on the flipside!

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jasdye said...

all right, i've been saying the same thing to everybody going back to school now,

go get 'em, girl.

you're a tiger.

you're wonderginia!

(tell you i'm going to east virginia for my brother's wedding? naval base, apparently. almost a rush thing. not even IN the danged wedding. o well.)

i'll be gone for a bit. but have a great time starting school again. esp. in folk/square/hiphop/polka/jazz dancing.

peace out,