Monday, September 19, 2005

2.5 seconds

Okay this'll be quick! To my readers, oh i know there is very few of you...I'm using this as my outlet right now, my mind and heart needs to let it out!

I wanna read! I wanna get back into reading my novels again. I just bought two books today and I'm so excited to read them...and yet I feel like I do not have the time to do so! *sigh*

Also, just a little tidbit of information for anyone who really cares. I really wanna learn sign language! yes, sign language! not because I know anyone who's deaf, but because I would love to learn more on how to communicate with someone who is!

i'll try and write more later...


1 comment:

jasdye said...

i wanna read my books too.

in fact, truth is, i don't have enough time to be reading this.

o, well. it'll all slow down soon. and we try not to miss it.