Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Howdy! So procrastinating is BAD! I've learned this! Among the other things I've had the chance to explore lately has actually been, my homework. I've been reading a lot of research on dietary supplement, hopelessness, and the negativity effect. This stuff if very interesting actually. I mean how can the FDA allow a claim to be put on a dietary supplement, then basically put a disclaimer, which tends to be in extremely small print, that basically refutes the claim itself?! There is a problem here!! Anyways!

Alright, so what's been my life lately?! Honestly, I have trouble answering that question. I've done a lot with band, some with work, got some extra sleep, done some homework, and some goofin' off, as well. The question I ask myself though is what have I done that matters?? So many questions floating in my mind right now pertaining to this, that, and EVERYTHING in between! Oh well!

So what's up in my mind right now....who knows?!

I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about a certain situation...ugh...figuring things out can sometimes be fun, but more often than not leave you feeling like you are in a world of uncertainty!

Updates at the apartment, for anyone who cares, we got 2 new fish, a snail and a frog. Hopefully Akuji will not eat any of them. I believe their names were Nuria, Keanu, Hector, and the frog was yet to be named. The League of Nations we are forming in our fish tank is amazing, soon it will be war of the nations and if any of them die, we'll see who is the superior nation...lol :-)

alright, on that note...later yo...**catch ya on the flipside!

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