Wednesday, September 7, 2005

I'm tired...of myself. The irritation I am finding in my soul searching is beyond my own comprehension. I wonder why I tend to worry or even allow an excessive amount of thought to something, that truly is not in my control. Lord, take it away.

I've been inspired to type some randomness into this here we go!

: these mysterious inabilities to create the mass chaos in this unfound world of the mundane alludes to the only thing that holds this inept life together - (04-25-05):

--I really want to go walk the brick streets in Italy...oh how I long for romance.
--I really want to meet my half-brother.
--I really want to pour my heart and soul into something I love.
--I really want to pour my heart and soul into someone I love.
--I really long to grasp the beauty of God, beyond comprehension.
--I really wish you knew my heart and loved me just the same.


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jasdye said...


i saw this and i was gonna comment something beautiful and lovely and witty and funny (ok, the romantic in me wanted me to say that. as if i was able to do that.), but i somehow logged off before i finished.

i'll be back like spam comments.