Thursday, September 1, 2005

**sidenote: I tend to not title the things I write, until maybe..a later date, if I feel like it! Also...this one is not necessarily words ran dry...mind you, not my thoughts! :-) Enjoy!**

The piercing pain of my bleeding heart,
among the silent cries of hope...
drawing yet another into the recluse
of love immortal.
Everything surrounds, entangles and drowns
in this pool of emotions.
As the air thickens between us
my inner being whispers a prayer.
Oh Holy Father, who knows the hearts frailty
better than I...
Piece together the brokenness that I must endure.
Your hands smooth over any distortion of who I am.
My longings reveal Your touch.
May Your fingerprints be evident.
Oh...wrap me in the gentle comfort of Your arms
and hold the aching of my soul...

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