Monday, September 5, 2005


wow! So..I feel that for the last week I've been somewhat (choosingly) oblivious to the happenings of hurricane katrina in the south. It wasn't until this weekend, as I was at home with my family, that I truly focused on this devastating event. My mom, who watches CNN, FoxNews, and MSNBC like it's her life, decided to numerous times inform me of the updates with the situation at hand. My mind was numb, watching the images roll across the screen. I was happy; however, in realizing that the hurricane went northeast instead of northwest, b/c having gone northwest my aunt, uncle, and their roughly 20 kids and grandkids houses would've all been demolished in it's path. My thoughts went blank at that point. Roaming through were the words "catastrophic" and "5"...I just didn't understand why some people would choose to stay, when the odds...terribly not in their favor. I've heard so many opinions and thoughts too pertaining to what is going on now, and what should be done and all this stuff...and I just do not know. My response to more shock than anything else. But at the same time, I wish I could take off the next few weeks and go and help people...I'm somewhat surprised by this delayed response of mine, but I want to leave and help...I want to make a difference in helping someone else return to a normal (whatever that may be) state of living. heart breaks for them.


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jasdye said...

my friend gabi talks about the blogspam. i found out that you can limit it by putting in a feature where the repliers have to type in the words that they see so that it can't be automatic.

i think most of us had a delayed reaction. and now most of us have an angry reaction.

anyway, God is good. he provides.