Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Childhood Memories

Ah, the joys of childhood, oh how we remember them all! This is in response to Jason's "5 Childhood Memories" post ( Props to him by the way!

Childhood Memories, in no particular order:

Feathered Bangs! Let's just say, ladies...what were we thinking? I look back now and for some reason I can remember thinking that feathered bangs were the greatest thing in the world, I mean the possibilities were endless with hairdos. Although embarassment is slight when these are brought back to memory, laughter ensues on my part. I cannot help but laugh at myself.

Double-Layered Socks! I luckily, wasn't a hardcore victim of this craze, but still, older sister!! But, I did happen to adore my multi-colored socks. I thought it was just great to have pink socks and blue socks and all sorts of colors, and sadly I have the pictures to prove it!

New Kids on the Block! Let me just tell you, I adored NKOTB. They were definitely the greatest thing since sliced bread! I had the dolls and the covers, oh geeze...I was in love with these guys...too bad they broke up. I'm waiting for the reunion! :-)

Easy Bake Oven & Woodburning Kit! I loved my Easy Bake Oven! Yes Jason, cooking by a lightbulb was the greatest invention ever! My sister's woodburning kit was great too, and still I don't understand, unsafe toys...I mean seriously, you gave a child a metal rod that heated to 5000 degrees and let them run free with it...hey I had fun!

80's Movies
! Kara, this one is for you! The Breakfast Club, Footloose...oh the list goes on and on and never gets old to me! I love them all! Only one thing left to say...Teen Witch comes out on DVD on July 12!!! :-)

Well I hope this has amused you, at least in the slightest of terms...cause I know it's made me laugh...more later yo!



jasdye said...

sorry i didn't make the rules clear, des.

usually, with a meme, it's a sort of prayer chain type of deal. i get tagged, i tag five others, each one of them tags another and so on and so forth.

i did have trouble picking my five or four. most of the ones i talk to or that visit my site on a reg basis at all are ones chris already picked. literally, you were the only real person in that lineup. i mean, i choose pikachoo?

i'll teach you how to do a cool link later. and the mention of the easy bake oven's coming later.


jasdye said...

wood burning kit, for real? how old was she?

hey, i got adult friends who wear - or wore, hopefully they got over it - not just multicolored socks, but ones with separated toes. you just wanna hit 'em, "stop wigglin' around, dang it."

maybe that's just me. don't care for the feets.

Destiny said...

well my sis was 4 years older than I, so she got the woodburning kit probably around 12 or something, I loved that beast! I always wanted to make pretty plaques for my mommy! :-)

the multicolored socks were fun, now I just stick with white..I'm content with that. the toe socks...oh my...I had some of them...sadly...they actually were quite comfortable...but man were they hot. oh well!