Friday, July 1, 2005

eh, who knows....

alright people...not sure exactly what I'm gonna say, but I've been hackled to post more (just kidding). Anyways...first off, Dan....badonkadonk....female booty, please never again refer to your own rear end by using that word. :-)

I put this picture in here to illustrate a few things. sister and I do get along, #2...feathering your bangs is never a good idea, and #3 old times. This picture is a terrible one of my sister, myself in the middle and my cousin. See I don't have many of these pictures. "these pictures" are ones of my family, and especially my cousin. She passed away about 5 years ago. As I set here I wonder what happened to the time that has passed, the memories shared, do they begin to fade. There are times when it seems the only memories of particular people in my life, are either brief glimpses into their lives, their pain, or of remembrance of the pain endured after they were gone. I do not understand it myself. It is true, you do not know what you've got, until it's gone.

"these mysterious inabilities to create the mass chaos in this unfound world of the mundane alludes to the only thing that holds this inept life together" - (04-25-05)

Another topic of bible study tonight we breifly discussed that when we chose God, we realized, that there isn't anyone else to lead us! Plainly, there is no other choice. Now thinking about this, we went on to discuss how we felt when we saw those around us who turned to God, suddenly turn away. It breaks my heart to recall those lives that seemed so adamant on following the Lord, yielding to their own desires of the flesh. I have moments where I wonder about my own faith, God why don't I just give up! and tonight while thinking about it, I pondered the thought of life differently, so to speak. I cannot understand it, it does not makes sense for me to turn my back on Him. That's when I realized that God had engraved my faith, my belief, into my very being. I rejoice at this! Oh Lord, to know that you have given me an adamant faith that is stubbornly unyielding to the desires of this world...Thank You! I praise You for that strength.

Lastly, this is just a short "original":

this body, is lying lame before you
bruised and broken
hungered for Your touch
my movement ceases as I am in awe of You

upon this altar i lay it all down
Your fire consumes my entire being
Every aspect of my life is held before You

refine me, reveal my quality in You

burn into the depths of my soul
setting ablaze all that is me
Lord pierce my barriers
open my heart to Your peace



Kara said...

Hey, Dan has a pretty sweet badonkadonk

jasdye said...


first, technically badonkadonk donk is in reference to a large, glandular female backside. and i don't know dan, but i doubt he meets all the criteria.

secondly, your poetry has a nice feel to it. obviously, i think, inspired largely by contemporary praise songs, but with your own feel to it.

jasdye said...


re: your comments, i was merely highlighting the adjective, what type of female heiny makes it a heretofore 'badonkadonk (donk).'

i hope you're laughing. 'cuz i am.

what's your area? we artists - even the professional ones, well, semi-professional (teachers, you know) - can always use patrons who're interested in the arts. in christian parlance, i could be the pastor, mentoring and pushing people closer together to God (or, in this case, reflective arts and living for God) and you could be my congregation, supporting me.

mull on it, sleep on it, tell me what you think. (btw, that's the first time i've used that analogy, or even thought of it. i'm gonna steal it back later though.)