Monday, July 4, 2005



Sorry, I just wanted to celebrate! So what's up?! Umm...let's see...I ran today, for a complete total of 15 minutes...needless to say, running isn't for me. Still to this day, I will never understand why people run because they "enjoy" it?! Just doesn't make sense. Oh well!

I think my boredom that I've endured for the past couple of months is calling upon some enlightenment, just a moment. Maybe such knowledge makes me feel less stagnant and more usable to society.

This beautiful day makes me wonder what I am doing in here typing on this blog, oh yeah...I just remembered....heat is the devil!...okay so I didn't mean that. I do wish I could enjoy the beauty of the sun, I love it, it's beautiful, but it hurts me! :-(

My mind wanders into an abyss of nothingness as my soul searches for answers to questions that continue to prod at my heart. This fear inside I've bured so deep and put aside so long, has now decided to face existence and try to break my stronghold on this confounded world I live in. I weaken and feel myself falling further into the despair that binds me. I have no understanding of how to relieve myself from these fears that continually ache in my existence. I cry to You Lord Jesus, take them away! All I have is You and You are all I need in this life. Close these open wounds, never to be revealed again and calm my aching soul. I cannot even pretend to fathom the awesome power that is the God, Lord of all...yet I pray for this power to work in me. For now my soul so weary, my heart bleeding slowly, rests in the hands of the Lord.


jasdye said...

running - on its own - sucks. i have friends who completely enjoy it, but i never could.

that's why we have sports. the ancients knew they had to run for their good, but they needed some impetus, therefore basketball was invented.

Destiny said...

I agree, running..has no purpose...other than pain. Oh yeah, and somewhere along there is physical ability being needs that. lol
I'm the in process of trying to think of something brutally honest and open to put in my next post. I just wanna throw everything out there for whoever wants to read it. Who knows what I'll come up with!