Thursday, July 21, 2005

How about this?!

alright people! Let me just tell ya'...everything seems to be working together so well right far...truly amazing! Thank You God!! I mean I finally situated my "situation" over graduate school, which I am super excited about. and then I got the new job that I already posted about, and there was informal interview about an internship next Spring, and if you know the end result of the "situation" for grad school, you'd know why I'm super pumped about that as well! :-) It's just great!

Lance,...this next part is for you!!
I've been touching base on a lot of new music lately and checking out the sounds of various bands and giving my ears lots of amazing listenings. So I'll just give ya' my opinions! 1st and is amazing..I don't know if you all listening to them, but truly ahhhmazing. Too bad I can only get the internet version..darn you Ohio! Anyways, Falling Up's new CD comes out in November, I think!! Their new single "Exit Calypson"...awesome! I suggest it to anyone! Also discovered a band called April Sixth...I've only heard the song "Dear Angel", but let me I love it!! House of Heroes is good too...Kara and I were discussing the similarities between their sound and Chemical Romance, I suggest "Serial Sleepers" for your listening pleasure! I also got to listen to Spoken's "Promise" which I haven't heard in like forever, I forgot about this band and I hate myself for it! Truly great! I've listened to some new stuff from Haste the Day, Thousand Foot Krutch, John Reuben (Nuisance is wonderful), Switchfoot, and Flyleaf. A few other newbies I've heard lately were Sides of the North "Melody"....I really like this song if someone could send me a copy of it, that would be great, also Plumb's "I Can't Do This"...the similarity between the lead singer's voice and Amy Lee from Evanescance is weird, odd too the singer's name is Tiffany Lee? Could there be a relation..who knows! I just theorize! Alright enough of that, it's just been so long since I was able to go psycho over the music....I LOVE IT!!! :-)

In other parts of my life! I believe I'm going insane...I just and starting to hate it! No the insanity is not because of boredom or anything of that sort. Instead...I'm being a girl. oooohhh...wellll!

Good joke for those who haven't heard it and wanna hear it!...later yo!

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