Monday, July 18, 2005

What the freak?!

Don't ask where that outburst came from!

So let me tell ya'...hold on, lost my train of thought. Oh yeah..this weekend..I got a letter in the mail saying I'd been randomly selected, "randomly selected for what?" you say...none other than..JURY DUTY! What the freak!! Okay so that's where the outburst came from, let me just tell ya, I don't have time for this. So if anyone knows anyway I can get out of it, I'm willing to hear my options. I heard that I could get out of it, just b/c I'm a student..that would be great & convenient!

In other news, I'm "thoughtfully considering", or at least that's the way I've addressed my e-mails to people, graduate studies! Wahoo for more time at college! Yeah right...I'm about to go insane, but hey I need to weigh my options. Either way I'll be poor!

Kara doesn't think I could be a fashion merchandiser, let me just say, I WILL NOT be working for Gucci or Versace. Not that hoity-toity fashion next-top-model crap. Geeze, I have taste! Anyways..I have never even really thought about fashion merchandising, that is until now..hmmm..I'll let my thoughts process for a while.

OH wow, I just got a call from Steve & Barry's...I got the job! YESSS!!!! So you are the first to know, don't you feel lucky. On that note...I must depart for the day, maybe I'll check back later.

*Catch ya' on the flipside*


jasdye said...

ok. you can't just call in sick. my one experience, when i was still in art school, i had to go downtown and spend the whole day. it was some civil malpractice suit. i'm not a big fan of those suits in general, but when the judge asked if we had objections to being in the case, i -and a few others- raised our hands.

my case was that finals were next week. i was able to get out based on that. but i don't suggest it (always trying to get out). i think if it was a criminal case or something more attuned to justice and less about accidents and money, i'd have made the effort to do my civic duty and talk to my profs/ta's.

are you in summer school? me no understand?

Destiny said...

I am not currently taking summer classes. I am working at my student work job for the summer. I have one semester left before graduation, then I need to figure out where my next phase in life is...?? hehe..oh well, things will work out i'm sure!


jasdye said...

yeah they will. just try not to get a job in the chicago public school system and you should be all right!

J said...

Lol nice thread of thought.... I feel like going back to college too...

What job did you get anyway? I found your blog when I searched fashion merchandising... (and now I just realised how long ago you posted this)

Well if you get this, do let me know how it turned out. I am interested in the same field but wanted to get a concrete idea about it from any other person...

Thanks, and best of luck, you!