Wednesday, October 26, 2005

A Consistent Lapse of Sanity...again!

So what's up! First off, props to those that tried my quiz, and boo to ya'll that didn't! It really wasn't that hard! :-)

So lately, it's been whoa...first off, there was this massive blizzard, which was like ahhmazing. It was actually pretty cool, until the trees started falling and breaking everywhere, and the people started skidding into ditches and then everyone was at a loss of power. I mean what?! Actually today I didn't have any power for a period of like 7 about drove me nuts. But the funny part was getting everything situated, I mean I was trying to figure out what we were gonna do with the food and where I was gonna get warmth, and it was just kind of entertaining. Then it was like..boom...we have power again! AWESOME! They, the electric company that is, told us it would be out until probably noon on Friday, so pretty sweet!

Other than that, I've been nonchalantly doing things. Which sucks, I'm not really enthralled in anything right now! This kind of irritates me. Mainly because it makes me think and wonder about things that I do not wanna think and wonder about...things that I've thought and wondered about for months and I really don't wanna let my mind roll around the ideas and thoughts of them, b/c they just drive me insane! I mean seriously, what?! but I don't know. I mean I just don't understand some things and some people, and I know I'm probably not supposed to or something like that, but I guess when part of me is in anyway involved in it, I tend to take it personally. (btw, in case you are wondering what this rant is about, do not assume someone has done something to tick me off or put me in the middle of some fiasco or something of sorts, this is not the case...just a case of...emotional breaking...or maybe just...hitting the wall that's barriered up, oh how I want to climb it). Anyways, on that note, I'm gonna go...get warm and get food...I'm hungry!!


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Anonymous said...

Destiny.. my twin.. I pretty much love and adore you and wanted to tell you how important "Emotional breaking" has been to me. God sometimes uses the loneliness or the meloncholy days to pull us closer to his arms. Rejoice in that solitude because it creates a deeper attachment to Him and a greater appreciation for our friends that warm us inside :0) You are def. one of those friends to me. See you tonight and I LOVE YOU! ... AAAAAAly