Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sweet Victory!

So what's up?! This has been a sweeeeet weekend! Let me just tell ya!

So Thursday night, got to go to CRU, which was awesome! Got to hang out with some ahhmazing people. Then Friday I had to work, which wasn't the greatest, but wasn't all that bad. All I really did all morning was situate sweatshirts and hang them on the walls. Oh yeah and we had to pull in the freight order, which was just so exciting. After that I didn't have a whole lot to do, I had a few errands, then band. Which was awesomely cut short, b/c of the homecoming parade that night. The parade wasn't bad, but had it's ups. I mean I love my ahhmazing friends who cheered for all know who you are!! That was fun! After that I got to go to the Roadhouse for Greg's birthday and hang out with some more super fun people, that was enjoyable as well! Then i got to hang out at Amy's for the night before the game the next day! Now to the game...sweet game that is! Let me just tell started out sucking, I mean literally we were bored to tears almost...b/c i mean i could show ya the pics that we took of us just goofin' off b/c we were bored, that was at least until the 4th quarter. WVU vs. Louisville....down 24-7...8 minutes remaining in the fourth. WVU is able to bring it back and tie it up 24-24 with one minute remaining. Then leads to overtime!!! not just one, not just two, but triple overtime!!! where we finally take louisville 46-44, when we block their two point conversion. let me just say...wahoo!! and...I'll take that! it was awesome, so much super fun and ahhhmazing!! :-)
After all that was done, I then got to walk the roughly mile to mile and a half I'd say...back to my apartment...showered, and then kara and I had a victory starbucks visit! that was fun as well. I do suggest the pumpkin spice latte to anyone who would like to try it! then to top everything off, my mom and my sister came to visit extra sweet! and now i'm just updating you all on my life...are you glad to know this! :-)

on that note!! later yo!


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jasdye said...

something's in the air. i'm serious. there's just been some great sports moments for me lately. i'm not even a player anymore. just a spectator.

ahhh, yeah, mazing.