Thursday, October 20, 2005

Do You Really Know Me??

It's quiz time, my friends.

Do you really know me? Here's some important and not-so-important questions pertaining to myself, that I would like to evaluate my friends and see how much you really know me. hmm...interesting!

1. What is my middle name?

2. what color is my eyes? Is there something significant about one of them? (asking this question would imply that there is, but do you know what it is?!)

3. how many brothers and/or sisters do I have?

4. what is my favorite cheesy saying? **you should know this**

5. who is one of my favorite male vocalist?

6. what is my favorite part of the music I listen to?

7. what would be the ideal job, in my eyes?

8. what would be my freak-show talent?

9. what is my favorite tv show?

10. what is one of my current favorite movies? (if you name one of the many, you still get the
credit...yeah i'm just that nice)

11. what is something I enjoy doing that not everyone knows about me? *oooh...tough
isn't really*

12. what is my favorite food?

13. who/what is my passion in life?

14. what country do I really really really really wanna visit?

and lastly,...

15. what is something of mine, that I wish everyone could see?

Good luck people!



jasdye said...

didn't i try this one already.

all right, the only thing i got for now, dest, is:

4) amazing!

Destiny said...

actually jason, you were incorrect, that's sad! but it was a brilliant attempt! :-)


Kara said...

1. Sue
2. Green/Hazel, you have a freckle on one your eyes.
3. 2 brothers and 1 sister
4. 'precious' or 'super'
5. there's tooooo many, but jeremy camp?
6. lyrics
7. working with christian music
9. CSI
10. Batman Begins... Boondock Saints, Newsies, (anything with Christian Bale in it)
11. writing
12. you like all food,
13. Jesus!
14. France
15. Your true heart/soul.

jasdye said...

anything with Christian Bale?

for real? like "American Psycho" and "The Machinist"?

and you have a freckle in your eye? how does that work?

Destiny said...

okay almost anything with christian bale, I think he's just wonderful; however, i didn't like american psycho too much or the machinist for that matter, so almost anything with christian bale. :-)
oh and the freckle on my eye...umm...well I have a golden fleck on the green color on my one eye, and one of my friend referred to it as a freckle, cause that's sort of what it looks like, but yeah, so i have a freckle on my eye, it's pretty sweet!