Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I just wanted to relay a story to ya'll, b/c it absolutely shocks me! So, Jess Poe and I were hanging out last night, which I would have to say was absolutely amazing! b/c Jess Poe is just an amazing girl! ;-) we were hanging out and we decided to drive around town and just talk. We were at the four intersection on patteson, in front of the coliseum and the light turned green, so I started to go forward, and then suddenly...this car like comes upon my rear and rams into the back of my car. I was like oh my gosh, as our bodies like flung forward. I kind of spazzed out. So i went straight into the coliseum and sadly the guy who hit me did not. so i parked the car, still shaken and was just like sort of in a frantic mess..and jess was like it's okay it's okay..everything will be okay. So after we calmed down we decided to assess the damage. When we looked at the back bumper of my car, both of our jaws just dropped. There was nothing wrong with the rear end of my car. minus maybe like the smallest fraction of a scratch on my bumper, that was it. I looked at her and was like "you did feel that right?! I'm not just making it up." Jess was like yeah, he hit you pretty hard, i don't know why your car is not damaged. it was way weird, we just stood there for like 20 minutes and was like 'huh!'. it was really strange...but thank God..I mean seriously praise Jesus, cause that is the only explanation I can come up with.


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