Wednesday, October 12, 2005

what's up

hi! what's goin' on~! so right now i'm just setting here watching CSI and thinking about the loads of homework i've done a wonderful job of procrastinating and not doing for the past few weeks. i kind of wanna kick myself because of it. i'm falling into an apathetic state of mind. oh well i guess!

my mind is kind of tired anyway....the thought-processing has driven me close to my emotional edge. it's exhausting when you are trying to figure things out from the correct perspective..that of God's. i just wish i knew what He wanted in so many things. i firmly believe that no matter what His Will will come to pass, i guess i just fear being unworthy and insignificant. yeah, you are probably trying to figure out how to get unworthy and insignificant from me trying to figure out God's Will. but thus is the chaos of my mind.

oh my heart...there's so much in it right many things floating.

let me tell current favorite song (which is older, that I love) is..."hands in the air" by The Waiting.


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