Monday, October 17, 2005

Past originals!

The following are, of course, not yet titled:

A vast openness before me,
calling my name into the wild, untamed terrain.
Who is to be my voice in this space
that is too large for me to be heard?
How am I to know the way to go?
Everything looks so settled, unconsumed, untouched.
My Lord, You will show me the way
through this wooded abyss that
will not devour my soul.

The grip of passion instills in me a
desire to be filled by You.
The pierces, bruises, open sores that
bear a resemblance to life anew.
Anguish, pain, this all surround me entirely,...
To the extent of loss of hope? NEVER!
Enduring, believing, all that You have for me,...
Do otherwise? How could I ever!
You hold the barriers that shape
the romance of my life.
All in Your hands...the love, the happiness, the anger, and the strife.
Help me feel Your Presence near me!


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